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Kaboom Podcast Writer and Producer

A new audio drama podcast for the  family! Each episode takes you on a new adventure to a new place where you’ll meet new characters, like a family searching for UFOs in the middle of the ocean, or a high school mascot who must protect the football team from an ancient Viking curse, or a kid who is hiding a baby dragon in his attic. Kaboom is your new destination for family-friendly audio adventures!

Season 2 Episode 2: Vanishing Act

My Dark Path Podcast Writer and Producer

EXPLORE the fringes of history, science, and the paranormal with creator MF Thomas!

Family Suplex Student Writer

Hop in the ring along side other amateur wrestlers as they climb the way to the big leagues.


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Date Night 24-Hour Film Competition

After 24 short hours our team managed to write, cast, shoot, and edit this short romantic comedy! Will Caleb man up and get the girl of his dreams? Or will he fall short like all the other men before him?


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Footloose: 40 Years Later

In 1983, filming for the movie Footloose started in Payson, Utah and became a beloved classic, leaving its mark on the community of Payson for the last 40 years. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Footloose, Payson High School students led the #BacontoPayson social media campaign to bring Kevin Bacon back to Utah. Despite the odds, Bacon along with his charity, returned to Payson to celebrate this milestone by building essential resource kits with over 1,000 volunteers as part o

The Rookie Cast and Character Guide

Crime and detective shows remain a staple on TV stations. Series like Criminal Minds and NCIS provide a new thrilling adventure and mind game in every episode. One of the latest and most popular crime shows, The Rookie, follows the events in an L.A. police station. Officer John Nolan becomes a police rookie at the age of 45 and undergoes challenges both unique and typical to new police officers.

The Rookie has become so popular that ABC has even made a spin-off series, The Rookie Feds. The show

Best Movies Coming to Paramount+ December 2022

People of all ages love Christmas for the festive decorations, family gatherings, and giving spirit in the air. Few things invite in the true spirit of Christmas as effectively as holiday films. December's movies invite viewers to step into cozy Christmas cottages and sparklingly decorated tree farms. Even if it doesn't look like winter outside, movies can help it feel like the holidays at home.

Paramount+ seems determined to satisfy this season's holiday cravings with their new Holiday Collect

Charlie Brown Taught Us to Tackle Disappointment in These 10 Ways

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are some of the most relatable comic book characters because of their childlike innocence, average lifestyle, and susceptibility to failure. Every Charlie Brown special contrasts devastating disappointments with feel-good solutions. Each character must face their own challenges and weaknesses, and audiences can learn from their mistakes along the way. There are few things more inspiring than watching people like us overcome challenges similar to ours.


Best Movies Coming to Disney+ in November 2022

November can be a tricky time for movies. It's a transitional period after spooky season, but some proclaim it is too early for Christmas content. After Halloween ends, pumpkins and skeletons slowly change into autumn leaves and snow. Luckily, Disney+ has all kinds of content ready to release this month: documentaries, holiday specials, and regular TV episodes. With all the new titles becoming available, there is sure to be something for everyone. Here are the upcoming movies to be released on D

Why She-Hulk Should Join the Official Avengers

Marvel fans have been guessing at the new Avengers roster ever since Avengers: Endgame irreparably separated the old team. Now that season one of She-Hulk Attorney at Law has wrapped up, everyone online is speculating about She-Hulk's future and what it means for the MCU. Even other notable writers and actors have commented on the possibility. With a steady stream of heroes coming out of the woodwork of Disney+'s streaming shows, new superheroes have stiff competition for a top spot on the team.

She-Hulk Cameos That Made the Marvel Show Better

In just one season, She-Hulk has established quite the network. She has partnered with celebrities, heroes, and artists from all walks of life as the show introduced a new guest star almost every week. Jennifer Walter's quirky personality and top-notch professional skills makes her easy to get along with and a valuable ally for any of our favorite MCU characters. Here are the best cameos of the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series, ranked.

Pop icon Megan Thee Stallion has never been a part of the M

Best Mockumentary Style TV Shows, Ranked

As TV documentaries have become a growing genre, and the influence of Ricky Gervais' UK show The Office rippled throughout the television landscape, it's no surprise to find a plethora of mockumentaries in their wake. Characterized by mock interviews, shaky camera, and a comical cast, mockumentaries are satires wrapped up in a documentarian style of filmmaking.

The genre provides viewers with a comedic look at every day life and helps viewers find meaning and humor the usually mundane and frust

Best Comedy TV Shows of the 90s, Ranked

Families all over the world used to tune into their favorite shows on a weekly basis before binge-watching with streaming became common practice. Weeknight television comforted and entertained people coming home from work and school. Everyone has their own nightly ritual to unwind after a long day, but television dramas are a staple in many households.

Audiences in the 1990s saw some of the funniest and most relatable comedians to date. These shows addressed the daily problems, both large and s

The Little Mermaid: Why the Outdated Princess Movie Needed a Remake

The reimagined live-action Disney classics have become a controversial topic around the internet. Bringing favorite fairy tales to live-action is a dream come true for many and a nightmare for others. Regardless, Disney's remakes have become a guilty pleasure for many moviegoers, and sometimes have more room to develop their characters and create nuance in plot (due to modern screenwriters, longer runtimes, and more). Aladdin added more political intrigue, The Jungle Book brought innovative CGI
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